Dec 28, 2015
The day!

As I sit here watching it rain out my front door I reflect on all the things in my life. Things I have done, things I shouldn't have done, things that would have been amazing to experience and I realize I haven't truly lived. I have let my fears and self doubt rule me for the past 26 years. I have let the people who think they know who I am dictate if I should take the next step or make a risky move. I have never been in love because I have never felt good enough for anyone, people have made fun of me for my size and I believed them. I believed they were right and that no one would want me as I am. I tried so many times to change myself for other people. Of course that never worked out because it wasn't for the right reasons. Yeah I know what your thinking I am just another girl down on herself but no. It took me a long time to love myself and I have done it. I am who I am for a reason, I am good enough for anyone and if they don't like me well then screw them. I started to love myself and my confidence exploded. I got an amazing job doing what I love and using the degree that I went to school for. I have amazing family and friends that support all that I do; all those people that put me down didn't hold me down, I over came them and want to thank them for putting me to the test. I see them now and they have done nothing with their life, they truly peaked in high school and they struggle to get those days back when life came simple and easy to them all because they were the cheerleader. I am still not in love but I know that it will happen and when it does that guy will be amazing. He will see me for who I am and not try to change me. This may seem like a crazy blog but I want to be able to help someone that may need it, no matter where you are in life it can be different. Always love yourself and the amazing things that you bring to life. No one is like you so don't try to be like anyone else. Be you and treasure all that comes with it.

Posted at 02:00 pm by Kimbo26
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